Bromley by Bow Centre’s new research identifies ‘What makes the best start in life for Tower Hamlets’ families and we have set out commitment in the Report and Bromley by Bow Families Action Plan. This new report heralds a fresh approach to commissioning, research and action. We encourage anyone working in this space to read the report and formulate a response. We are open to doing this together.

Bromley by Bow Insights, as part of the Act Early Consortium, has published its long-awaited research report with 500 local families using revolutionary and innovative participatory engagement methods. The local voice is at the heart and forefront of the findings, with a team of researchers recruited from the local community and trained by BBBC in qualitative research methods.

It is the first time such an extensive project has been completed using community research that was designed and co-produced by families, researchers and stakeholder organisations.

The research builds on the two year Unleashing Healthy Communities project by measuring what matters to people as defined by local families and what is needed to give their children a good start in life, a key tenet of The Marmot Review’s recommendations over many years. The research has led to a series of recommendations, many of which are included in the Centre’s strategic forward plan with its community partners. These are grouped into four themes:

1. Environment and space
2. Connection and support
3. Play and Activities
4. Stability and Security

The research will help inform commissioners and funders how to effectively fund services that achieve positive and sustainable outcomes for families. The findings present an opportunity for all stakeholders, to plan a response together and deliver on the plan. The Bromley by Bow Centre, as one stakeholder, is fully committed to playing its part to forge the next steps.

Study the Report and Families Action Plan.

Learn more about our research.

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