Annual Report 2021/2022

A snapshot from our report

Building Community

413 adults attended our Summer Festival of Wellbeing, bringing 220 children.

17 community-generated groups and 4 social enterprise businesses were incubated over the year.

500 local people became involved in community research projects.


Annual Review 2023

“Thank you for the support you gave me during the darkest time of my life. So many of us get ‘lost’ in the system when we are unwell and I couldn’t have got where I am without your help.” – Social prescribing participant

15 events with over 1,370 attendances.

91 community-led groups or training programmes.

Over 3,888 person-centred conversations.

36% of people engaged in more than one service.


Past Annual Reviews

Annual Review 2022

2021 Impact report

“The Bromley by Bow Centre is like a family member looking after me. If I have problems I know I can get in touch with them.” – Ali, community member

We allocated 130 donated computers to assist families’ digital access and learning.

Our team carried out 1,600 calls and online sessions to support people with disabilities.

Over 3,200 individuals attended our online knowledge events.

“What they’ve done here at the Centre is to take time to really listen to people and then identify something meaningful for each individual.” – Professor Tanya Byron, clinician, journalist, author and broadcaster.


Past Impact Reports

Results and Impact Report 2020

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Who we've supported

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