ActEarly is a collaborative research project looking into how communities can support children to be healthy.

When & where?

These activities are currently taking place online

Who is it for?

Parents with children up to 11 years old

07751 662497

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Working in partnership with the London team of the ActEarly Prevention Research Partnership and the Bromley by Bow Insights team, we will be working with our community to find out more about:

  • Healthy Places – our physical environment and how our community connects to each other
  • Healthy Livelihoods – employment opportunities for families in Tower Hamlets
  • Healthy Learning – particularly early learning in children’s centres and schools

We will be running creative events throughout the year with the aim to understand the priorities of our local community, particularly families.

Family Playrooms

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we moved the first of our events online. Family Playrooms was an online activity group for families with children aged up to 11 years old.

We had 9 virtual ‘playrooms’ full of fun things to do, tips and resources.

Centered around a Facebook group, challenges could be completed at home as part of an online community.

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It takes a village

Over the summer and autumn of 2020, over 150 families got together to answer one question. If it takes a village to raise a child, what should we put in our village? Here’s what they created together.

It takes a village - the results