Communities driving change

Communities Driving Change is an opportunity for residents and organisations to get involved in local health matters by working together to understand what matters to people living locally, and bring about meaningful change.

When & where?

We are currently learning more about what matters to local communities in:

  • Old Ford Road
  • Burdette Estate
  • Watt’s Grove
Who is it for?

Do you care about local health? Do you have a hidden skill or talent? Are you well connected? Would you like to find out more and meet new people? We’d love to hear from you.


What you’ll be doing

People cycling through the city

Communities Driving Change works with estates, streets, blocks of flats, residents, local businesses, GP surgeries and community groups to understand the issues and priorities affecting local health and well-being in that area.

Local Area Co-Ordinators bring these people together to gather ideas, make plans and help to implement them in ways that the communities themselves can be directly involved in bringing the ideas to life.