Collaboration and exchange of knowledge are crucial now!

As for a lot of people at the moment, the COVID-19 situation has brought a range of changes to the Bromley by Bow Centre Knowledge Share and Exchange Programme. The programme typically specialises in the delivery of visits and bespoke study tours for visitors from across the country and beyond to experience the Centre. With 35 years of experience in building services and spaces for and with its community, the Centre has always been keen to share its learnings with other organisations, and exchange ideas on how to always keep improving its model. It is a core belief that relationship building is at the heart of community wellbeing and health, and this has also been applied to our Knowledge Share and Exchange programme.

Due to the restrictions attached to the current lockdown situation, of which a time-frame is yet to be known, in-person visits to the Centre are unfortunately not possible for the moment. However, now more than ever, we believe that collaboration and exchange of best practice is crucial in order for us all to help our communities ensure they get the services they need while remaining safe and healthy. We have therefore been thinking very carefully about ways we could facilitate knowledge share across practitioners, and provide a platform to enable everyone to share their experience and find solutions to their challenges.

Though we now have to face the challenge of providing support and sharing learnings virtually, we have started by looking back at how the Knowledge Share and Exchange programme has worked in the past and identifying the key outcomes we need to maintain through new methods of delivery. This is outlined in details in a report available here. Through an adapted online platform, we aim to continue to support interested organisations in developing their own ideas for their organisations and community, to build support for their own projects through providing a “common vision” or a “reference point”, and to help them widen their experience and to discover alternatives.

In order to reshape the Knowledge Share and Exchange Programme to better reflect the current situation and become more sustainable in the long-term, we need your opinion!

Please help us by completing a quick 2-min survey to let us know what resources would help you in those challenging times!


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