Your support is vital

The devastating impact of Covid-19 and the cost of living crisis on local families means we need donations more than ever.

By donating monthly, you become a Friend of the Centre. All monthly donors will receive their Friends membership packs within a few weeks of setting up a regular gift.

Give a one-off gift

Every £1 donated helps us support local people to learn skills, make friends and find new opportunities.

Thank you.


Food and essentials

£5 per month

£5 per month helps provide food with our partner Bow Food Bank; sustaining people like Jade and her family through difficult times.


Urgent advice

£10 per month 

£10 per month helps us provide vital financial and energy advice to support people coping with bereavement and crisis like Ali.


Mental health support

£20 a month

£20 per month helps support our compassionate mental health response for people like Karin.


Tackling loneliness

£50 a month

£50 per month helps us support community projects that address isolation and loneliness through local activists like Brenda.


If you would like more information on making a donation or regular gift to the Bromley by Bow Centre in another way, please contact us at

Charity number: 1041653