Reinventing Social Prescribing Services in times of crisis and recovery

On Thursday 3rd of June, the Bromley by Bow Centre hosted a webinar on Reinventing Social Prescribing Services in times of crisis and recovery.



SP webinar june 21 – Main slides

SP webinar June 21 – Craig Seymour

SP webinar June 21 – Hertfordshire


Speakers were:

Alex Trigg, Social Prescribing Link Worker, BBBC

Jagdish Sian​, Local Area Coordinator, Communities Driving Change, BBBC

Nasim Hafezi, Health Navigator, BBBH

Emma Owen-Amadasun, Assistant Director, Population Health, BBBH

Jess Walker, Communities Driving Change Programme Manager, BBBC

Tim AnfilogoffHead of Community Resilience, Herts CCGs and NHSE Regional Associate, Social Prescribing, East of England       

Mary-Ann Lindsay, Countywide Manager, Herts Help Hospital & Community Navigation Service 

Craig Seymour, Clinical Director, Islington N1 Primary Care Network and Board Director, Islington GP Federation 


Development of mature Social Prescribing services and changes in the acute and recovery phases of COVID

How did Social Prescribing services reinvent themselves during the pandemic? Despite an incredibly difficult time for communities across the country, and for social prescribing link workers, the pandemic was also the opportunity for many services to adapt themselves rapidly to fit better the needs of the people they aim to support.

This part of the webinar will present examples of mature Social Prescribing Services that were able to implement change during this time of crisis and have learnt from it to improve the service itself in the long term. What will they be taking away from it going forward? The speakers will also share best-practice on the components of mature services as examples for newer Social Prescribing services.

Working with clients and managing caseload

Partly as a result of the current situation, SPLW across the country have seen a significant increase in referrals made to their services. Managing case-load, and prioritising cases has become more important than ever, and will remain a crucial factor in the development of successful services.

The speakers will bring their perspectives from different part of the country.

Social Prescribing, lessons learnt and looking to the future

Despite prior talks of a ‘return to normal’, our society is more likely to suffer long-term changes to the way it works, and to people’s lives. Major changes have already started happening, and had impacts on what Social Prescribing services have had to offer to clients. In the last twelve months, new ways of working have emerged – what do we need to take away, and what are we leaving behind? The demand for social welfare, mental health, unemployment, benefits, housing support, for example, has increased and will not go away overnight. What does this mean for SPLW and how we see services evolve?

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