Webinar: Healthy Communities – Material well-being for improved mental health

The Bromley By Bow Centre’s Insights team recently a free live webinar on “Healthy Communities: Material wellbeing for improved mental health”.

Watch the introduction video from Saul Marmot, GP Partner at Bromley By Bow Health on Social Determinants of Health:

Watch the rest of the webinar here:

The speakers’ emails: 

The slides are available here

Some ideas from webinar attendees: 

Postcode walking group: We are supporting people over the phone. We are setting up postcode walking groups (one started) to build confidence for patients. People do not have to use public transports and can make friends within their community area. Volunteers lead those groups. 

Support bubble group: We are hoping for a group of patients to set up a support bubble group for those affected by lockdown and COVID and who are waiting for services. We think that there will be long waits, so we want to support these patients whilst waiting.  

Food waste and sharingOur local community have a drop off food bin for no perishables which is on a neighbours front garden 

Telephone friendship group: We are setting up telephone friendship groups (using Babblcloud) to help connect people missing face to face social groups.  Participants will take part in hour long chats with up to 6 people. 

Health walks: Looking at working with SP colleagues in Suffolk at implementing Health Walks alongside our mental health forums. 

Some resources: 

Digital Mental health for London: Good Thinking at https://www.good-thinking.uk/ 

Fantastic suicide prevention training on here: https://www.zerosuicidealliance.com/ 

Voluntary Action Sheffield): summary report on some of the VCS response in Sheffield here – https://www.vas.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/COVID19-VCS-report.pdf  

Social prescribing FuturesNHS Collaboration Platform (it is National, with some regional areas) https://future.nhs.uk/system/login?nextURL=%2Fconnect%2Eti%2Fsocialprescribing%2Fgrouphome 

Reaching out to your local Council for Voluntary Services can be a great way to get a quick idea of what is happening.  Find yours here – https://londonplus.org/cvs-and-volunteer-centres 

Citizen’s Advice is good 1st port of call – in my local one they have a whole team supporting around UC claims 

The GLA are developing a COVID Resource hub that should advertise services – it has JUST launched so still in its infancy – https://londonfunders.org.uk/about/covid-19-0/covid-19-resource-hub