Webinar recording: Tackling social isolation – Health and well-being implications

On 22nd September, BBBC Insights team held a webinar on the health and well-being implications of social isolation and what can be done to support people in feeling more connected to their community.

View the recording here:

Outcomes and resources quoted during the webinar and in the chat box:

  • A networking group was created by attendees during the webinar to keep in touch regarding ways to tackle social isolation. You can add your name here
  • You can also join our BBBC Knowledge Exchange Network, which is meeting every month to discuss key topics around healthy communities at an organisational level. Just email us at insights@bbbc.org.uk
  • Sam Everington mentioned the book Lost Connections, which can be purchased here
  • Another book was mentioned, “Together” in which a former surgeon general talks about the importance of human connection, more information here
  • Our Unleashing Healthy Communities research can be viewed here, which includes our six crucial outcomes for a thriving community
  • BBBC also has Family activities, tips and a Facebook community here
  • A digital inclusion organisation that accepts donations and provides with tech items for the people in need: https://futuredotnow.uk/devicesdotnow/
  • Ideas:
    • Activities that can be done socially distanced were mentioned: Gardening, walking groups, cycling groups 
    • Some of the Mutual Aid groups are offering a ‘First Trip Out’ – a volunteer accompanies the person to the shops, services or SP activity.
    • An organisation has a policy of attending with clients for the first two sessions if they are anxious about starting a new group.
  • Social Prescribing reports


The COVID-19 crisis has worsened social isolation within our communities, including for members that were already experiencing it prior to the pandemic. Many factors can cause people to be socially isolated, including a language barrier, mobility issues, digital inclusion, being out of a job, etc.  We measure the needs of our community based on the Unleashing Healthy Communities research, and one of the six crucial outcomes for a thriving community is being connected to others around you.  

Social connection, or isolation, can have a major impact on one’s mental well-being and physical health, and several schemes and initiatives are already in place to tackle this growing issue, such as Social Prescribing or programmes such as Befriending schemes.

Presentations included: 

  • Mental health implications with Alice Everett, Well-being and Development Manager at BBBC
  • Health implications with Professor Sir Sam Everington, GP Partner at BBBH
  • Tackling social isolation thanks to online activities and social groups with Jolanda Gjoni, Active Together Coordinator, Community Connections at BBBC

The session looked at the following themes: 

  • How can we identify isolated members of our communities? 
  • What can be done to engage with people who are not usually connected to others? 
  • How can we find out about local initiatives and make sure this is a collaborative approach? 
  • What have we learnt during the pandemic about coping with social isolation?
  • How can we take the existing initiatives to the next level from where we are at now? 

Next webinars: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/bromley-by-bow-centre-10769003008