Webinar recording: Supervision – best-practice for Social Prescribing Link Workers’ development

On 11 November 2020, the BBBC Insights team held a webinar on Supervision: best-practice for Social Prescribing Link Workers’ development.

This session covered:

  • Examples of best-practice at Bromley By Bow Centre and Health Partnership
  • Introduction to peer supervision principles
  • A bigger picture of what the conditions are currently for Link Workers
  • New ideas for development



Layla and Alex: BBBC Social Prescribing Supervision best-practice from BBBC (Nov 2020)

Lianna: BBBC Social Prescribing KEY FINDINGS – London (Nov 2020)

Alice: BBBC Introduction to Social Prescribing Supervision Principles (November 2020)

Some resources:

  • Fortnightly ‘drop in’ peer supports sessions for London SPLWs: SIGNUP
  • 6 weekly STP wide focused discussion on challengesSIGNUP
  • Free coaching and mentoring offer for NHS workers – This is a FANTASTIC resource, especially for those not receiving adequate supervision – For more information and directions on signing HERE
  • Free counselling and resilience chats:
  • Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy are offering free ‘Resilience Chats’ for key workers to provide a supported listening space. More information HERE
  • Samaritans and NHS, working in partnership, have launched a new confidential support line for NHS and social care workers and volunteers. More information HERE
  • Contact your local Regional Learning Coordinator, London’s: lianna.martin@bbbc.org.uk

BBBC Link Worker training and qualification options: https://www.bbbc.org.uk/insights/social-prescribing-link-worker-training/