Getting on with Money (GOWM) is a Bromley by Bow Centre Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, that helps people manage their money, avoid debt and plan for the future.

The project ended last week after 3 years of supporting Tower Hamlets residents with their finances, through 1:1 support, money management workshops and volunteer led activities.

In order to deliver this important project, we’ve been working with a dedicated team of volunteers, who have been developing money saving ideas for their community.

To celebrate the work of our volunteers, the GOWM team hosted the event in recognition of their achievements.

As part of the project, our volunteers developed the idea of ‘Feast for a Fiver’, to show people that it was possible to feed a family of four with £5 or less. The volunteers facilitated cooking sessions which the community took part in, cooking tasty meals from scratch, while discussing money saving tips around cooking and food shopping. To mark the end of the programme, they produced a recipe book containing these simple and delicious recipes, which was presented at our celebration event.

At the event, two vlogs produced by the volunteers were also premiered, based on their Swap Shop idea and top tips on how to spend less money when food shopping. For the volunteers it was the first viewing of the finished vlogs and the physical recipe book.

The recipe book is about sharing ideas, coming out of one’s comfort zone and being creative. Each dish holds a special meaning for the volunteers, evoking fond memories of how they came about these recipes, of traditions being passed on, and family and friends coming together to enjoy them. You can download their recipe book here.