The Bromley by Bow Centre Insights team is spearheading the implementation of a new way to measure and report on the outcomes of its distinctive community-first approach.

This one-year project builds on previous pioneering research groundwork with local people, Unleashing Healthy Communities. It will develop and embed a routine mechanism to capture and quantify the outcomes of the Centre’s pioneering approach, for local citizens.

Funded and supported by the Health Foundation, this complex work will quantify community defined outcomes and build data. It will develop evidence of the holistic, people-first approach taken by the Centre in supporting and developing our local community. The Centre’s locality in Tower Hamlets has endured decades of deprivation, further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This new approach will enable us, and other organisations to:

  • Measure what really matters to people
  • Increase responsiveness to growing need
  • Ensure response is proportional
  • Improve the way services are delivered
  • Better understand the impact of community-based support
  • Inform resource allocation
  • Support funders to invest in maximum impact

This exciting work is hands-on, practitioner led. Centre staff, volunteers and community teams are busy on a 100-day challenge process to kick-start further development to test and embed the Centre’s new Outcomes Framework, agreeing indicators and appropriate tools.

A shareable toolkit for others

Thanks to the investment of The Health Foundation, one of the outcomes of this Evidence into Practice project will be an accompanying suite of evaluation tools, that can be made available to other charities, public services and community-based organisations taking similar approaches to supporting and developing their citizens. Organisations will be able to increase their capacity and skills to use data to learn, and to measure what matters to themselves and their local populations.

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