Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies have joined with the Centre’s Mental Health Community Connectors and East London Foundation Trust to run monthly sessions to talk about all things mental health.

The online sessions create an open but safe space to connect with others and for people to talk and to hear others share their own challenges with mental health.

As part of the session, Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies runs an instructive session on aspects of mental health such as mindfulness with an interactive section to help people develop coping skills.

A final check-in part of each session helps people to talk about how they might use the tools they have learnt. Participants are also introduced to community groups and activities with other like-minded people to continue supporting good mental health.

Upcoming sessions

Thursday 28th October: 1.30pm until 3pm.

Resilience and wellbeing

This webinar is aimed at anyone who struggles to cope with challenges and finds it difficult to ‘bounce back’ from setbacks. We will be discussing the five domains of resilience; purpose, self, connections, body and mind.

This is an open group and will take place on zoom.

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Everyone welcome!

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Previous sessions

‘The journey out of lockdown’ explored ways to manage our wellbeing as we slowly come out of coronavirus restrictions and try to resume a more ‘normal’ day-to-day life.

‘Building confidence‘ offered tools and techniques to begin to challenge unhelpful behaviours, developing a more positive self-image, working on assertiveness and self-critical thoughts.

‘Stress management’ supported those who were struggling with stress, whatever the level. We learnt techniques to manage stressful situations effectively as well as building skills to support emotional wellbeing.



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