Learning from our services

In order to remain active and engaged in policy development and the community, we strive to be learning from our services, projects and those that engage with the centre. The centre utilises different tools, outlined below, to maintain a constant flow of earnest evaluations and dialogue that enables us to learn, improve and stay engaged.

We welcome reflections and feedback from others. Please contact Dan Hopewell, Director of Knowledge & Innovation dan.hopewell@bbbc.org.uk.

Six principles of evaluation

What we have come to should not be seen final nor are we proposing that it is the ‘right’ answer. Rather, it is an ongoing process of evaluating, learning and improving. To this end, we follow six principles of evaluation through which we can measure what works and what doesn’t. As we aim to give distinctive and holistic services under one roof, the evaluation process is integrated into part of every day work to make it interconnected and for it to provide meaningful data from which we can learn, grow and improve.

Read Our Evaluation Principles.

Integrated Outcomes 

Our organisational research has identified six ‘integrated outcomes’ defining who we are and what we are doing. The outcomes recognise that people have the drive to grow, but may need support to achieve concrete growth, confidence and connectedness. The Centre aspires to offer this support and, as such, stretch outcomes are applicable to the centre itself.

These outcomes were developed from our Unleashing Healthy Communities research.