Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation

Cross-service/cross-organisation outcomes measurement. 

With members of the local community, Bromley by Bow has developed the knowledge and skills to measure change due to our work that is based entirely on what matters to the local community.

The two-year Bromley by Bow qualitative study Unleashing Health Communities identified the ‘ingredients of a good life’ from the perspective of local community members, set within the current and a historical context. Our organisational research has identified six ‘integrated outcomes’ defining who we are and what we are doing. The outcomes recognise that people have the drive to grow, but may need support to achieve concrete growth, confidence and connectedness. The Centre aspires to offer this support and, as such, stretch outcomes are applicable to the centre itself.

These have been grouped and now form the Bromley by Bow Outcomes Framework (see below). Our team has operationalised the Framework into 14 domains and 40 indicators and has developed an evaluation tool that routinely and consistently measures the change clients experience as a direct result of the Bromley by Bow activity they participate in, across the integrated Bromley by Bow Centre and Health. For this work we are grateful to be supported by an Advisory Group and funded by the Health Foundation.

We routinely conduct evaluations for individual projects (see all our evaluations on this page below).

See below for key evaluation tools that Bromley by Bow uses, available to share:

  • The Bromley by Bow Outcomes Framework
  • BbB Outcome Measurement User/Data Journey Map
  • BBB Logic Model and glossary of evaluation terms
  • Evaluation principles
  • Theory of change template

Evaluation tools

From community informed outcomes framework to routine & systematic outcome measurement

Catherine Godward, Bromley by Bow’s Research and Evaluation Manager, and implementation lead for Evidence Into Practice, stage two of the Unleashing Healthy Communities project in Bromley by Bow, shares the journey Bromley by Bow has taken to measure what matters to communities. (Download the PDF here)

What you measure matters to systems

Outcomes Framework

The six stretch outcomes, operationalised into 40 indicators, group together the ‘ingredients of a good life’ from the perspective of local community members. They are the output of the two year large scale qualitative study Unleashing Healthy Communities including focus groups and interviews with local residents and Bromley by Bow staff, funded by Public Health England and Wellcome Trust.

Unleashing Healthy Communities 2-016-2018

Logic Model

Programme logic models are set at the start of programme development and stem from the whole Bromley by Bow model logic model which can be viewed here:

Logic model and glossary of evaluation terms

Outcome Measurement User/Data Journey Map

The Bromley by Bow Outcome Measurement User/Data Journey Map sets out the data captured at five key points in a patient/client’s journey through Bromley by Bow.

Read more here

Evaluation Principles

We follow six principles in our method, reflecting the values and approach in the work of the Bromley by Bow Centre.

The principles

Theory of change template

We have compiled a template for other organisations to use for our theory of change.

Download the template

What to collect when?

Here are some guidelines to think about…

  • Counting number of attendees through a clicker
  • Collecting contact details of people who want to know more
  • Participatory tool about how people find the session (one or two questions)
Download the guide

Bromley by Bow Community Informed Outcomes Framework and Methodology: An introduction

This introduction was shared at the 3rd International Social Prescribing Conference in March 2021.

BBB Webinars:

Webpage here

Webpage here

Individual project evaluations and feedback

Visit our Learning from our services page for our home for evaluation reports for past and present Bromley by Bow projects.